Powerful Gift Card Programs Designed for Shopify Plus

Rise.ai was planned from the outset to take full advantage of the Shopify API and offer large-scale Shopify Plus merchants the Gift Card program they and their customers deserve.

Gift Cards

Build an incredible Gift Card Program! Enable customers to send branded Gift Cards directly to recipients.
Capitalize on Gift Card discounts and incentives to drive sales.


The first automated Rewards and Cashback program. Incentivize purchases & increase loyalty using rules you set up.

Marketing Tools

Initiate high-ROI Gift Card campaigns. Use gifting data to drive strategic, targeted promotions across multiple channels.
Turn gift recipients into an entirely new market of paying customers.

Rise.ai’s connector provides new ways to automate retention experiences. Brands can now provide rewards and cashback based on super-targeted customer behavior across a store or other app that works with Flow. This flexibility unlocks a wide range of automations that Shopify Plus merchants can use to create experiences customers will want to come back for

Anthony Kentris

Product Marketing Manager at Shopify Plus

Join top Shopify Plus brands

Top Shopify Plus merchants such as

all use Rise.ai to power their Gift Card and e-gifting success.
Take your rightful place among them!

Leverage the Shopify Gift Card API

Rise.ai takes full advantage of the Gift Card API, made only for Shopify Plus merchants.
The power is there - let us channel it in your store’s direction so you can build an outstanding Gift Card program.

Individualize your Gift Card program

Your store is unique - from what you offer to the way you offer it.
Rise.ai for Shopify Plus gives you the tools to tailor your Gift Card program and offerings to fit your business and your goals.

Perfectly tailored branding

The design of your Gift Card and e-gifting options will seamlessly match the look and feel of your Shopify Plus store design.

Game changer for your credit lines

More Gift Card sales = more credit (with no interest and high ROI!) to build your business.
You’ll experience positive cashflow at unprecedented levels.

Multichannel Gift Card program

Offer an integrated, seamless shopping and Gift Card experience across all channels.
Integrate online and in-store Gift Cards with Rise.ai’s Gift Card Program, made for Shopify POS and other supported POS.

We take your security seriously

Access to your Rise.ai Dashboard is through direct integration with your Shopify Plus store’s account, ensuring that only you can access your data.

Your customers will love you… and then love you even more

Gift Cards are the the most profitable products and the most effective incentives and rewards. Use Rise.ai for Shopify Plus Gift Cards to engage with current customers and increase their loyalty, or to incentivise potential customers and drive them to your store..